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Why Buy Furniture Removal Leads from us?

Online marketing has been proven to be the leading source of lead generation, with furniture removal leads being a thriving industry. Every month, thousands of people relocate and they are in need of quality furniture removals quotes from reputable companies.

Research shows that up to 80% of consumers look for local companies online. Unfortunately, due to the vast amount of websites available today and the level of competition across all industries, millions of websites are simply not generating enough traffic or business for thousands of companies.  Website owners eventually end up spending millions on advertising, optimizing their websites, social networking campaigns, etc. which if correctly implemented will show results, but many small businesses in this industry simply don't have the marketing budgets to sustain the high costs associated with adequate marketing.  You have the option to continue at every cost, or to lose out on the growing online market and stick with the dwindling offline market instead.

Growing Your Furniture Removal Company Online

Millions of website owners do not know the technicalities behind some of the latest technologies and soon end up paying thousands, if not millions, on technologies which, in the long run, might prove worthless. These technologies include  SEO for your website, Facebook advertising, Google advertising, other PPC platforms, etc.

Correctly implemented, these technologies and strategies really do work, but not all companies who invest in them achieve the same level of success.

Following are the three most popular options to consider when growing your Furniture Removal Company:

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Over the past few years SEO has become a buzzword on the Internet with millions of pages dedicated to the topic. For those who do not know what SEO means, click here...

All I want to say here is Furniture Removal Companies BEWARE!


Google only shows 10 Websites per page in their organic search results.  Therefore 90 out of 100 SEO Professionals will be lying to their clients if they guarantee them a position on the First Page of Google's Search Results.

Do not pay any SEO company any moneys if you are not sure of what you are letting yourself in to.

Find out more about Search Engine Optimization here and learn more about the Misconceptions about SEO

2. Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

PPC is a very simple concept. You advertise on a platform, typically Google Search, and you pay a fee every time someone clicks on your Furniture Removals ad.  5 Years ago this was an incredible way to get business but now that everyone knows about it, PPC has become too expensive for most to even consider.  PPC works similar to auctioning, which means the more advertisers come onboard, the higher the bidding for clicks will be and eventually the lowest bidders will fall out. That is why, if you wish to compete in Furniture Removals on Google today, you need to be prepared to spend thousands of dollars plus per month to simply have a presence, let alone dominate the niche.  

Pro's of PPC

If correctly implemented, it does work, but in certain industries better than others.

Cons of PPC

The level of competition in the Furniture Removals niche is massive, which means it is becoming more and more expensive to get good results.

PPC advertising has become a science and you really have to be a specialist or appoint a real specialist to register an acceptable return on investment.

Find out more about Pay Per Click Advertising


The Furniture Removals Alliance now Offers A Proven NEW Option for Furniture Removals Companies

3. Buying Furniture Removal Leads

What are Furniture Removal Leads?

Furniture Removal Leads are actual Furniture Removal Quote Requests submitted by actual clients all over New Zealand. 

Our Network of Furniture Removal Websites advertise the services of our partnered Service Providers and capture all the quote requests generated as a result of these advertising efforts. 

Once a Quote Request is submitted on any one of our websites we make the details available to up to 4 of our service providers, who will contact the client directly and then quote based on the client's exact requirements.

Why is  buying leads from Net4ce better than PPC advertising? 

The Return on Investment (ROI) on PPC Advertising, mainly Google Adwords, is no longer viable. Cost per click is  skyrocketing, with advertisers paying top dollar per click and we all know that less than 30% of all clicks result in business.

Most Furniture Removal Companies who advertise on Google aggressively, will pay thousands of dollars per month to get approximately 100-300 actual quote requests.  These requests  include  all kinds of enquiries, from moving one pot, to a 10+ bedroom or office move, and range from moving in Auckland, to moving in Te Araroa, etc. There is no magic formula than can control the type of enquiries people submit.

The Furniture Removals Alliance Difference

When Buying Leads from Net4ce, you can selectively choose which leads / quote requests you want to buy from our Lead Pool, thereby avoiding paying for leads requesting moves that are out of your sphere of services, or your area of operation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you buy a lead from Net4ce, you are competing with 3 other companies, as we are making the details of each lead available to only 4 companies. It is very important to note that most clients will request at least 3 quotes online, so it is no different to a client contacting you directly through  your own website. They will always compare quotes, whether you like it or not.

Why is buying leads from Net4ce better than paying thousands towards SEO? 

SEO is a science that is constantly evolving. If your site cannot be found on Google, SEO is what you need to do to get your website to the top of Google's and other Search Engines' organic search results pages. While reputable SEO companies charge thousands of dollars to do SEO on your website, there are a number of misconceptions about SEO that you need to keep in mind:

  • NO ONE can guarantee you Nr. 1 ranking on Google
    There are literally hundreds, sometimes thousands of website owners pushing for the Nr. 1 spot on Google. Most of them are employing similar tactics, so how can they all guarantee the Nr. 1 spot? If 100 SEO's are pushing for the Nr. 1 spot, it means 99 are not going to get it right!
  • SEO does not happen overnight
    SEO takes time. Yes, in niches with little or no competition, it can take a week or so to rank Nr. 1, but in extremely competitive niches (like furniture removals) it is highly unlikely to achieve immediate results. In some cases it can take years to rank in the first three positions.
  • SEO is not for Dummies
    Don't be fooled: SEO is a science and it is constantly evolving as does Search. While you can do it yourself, for the best results, I suggest you employ a professional who has the know-how and professional experience, thus, saving you time and money that you would have to spend to learn the tricks of the trade.
  • Bad SEO Tactics Can Damage your Profile considerably
    Practices that violate Google's Search guidelines may result in a negative adjustment of your site's presence in Google, or even the removal of your site from the Search Index completely. Algorithms are constantly tweaked to deliver better results to users, an much of the information provided by “experts” online is at best, outdated and at worst, black hat tactics that will ruin your reputation.
  • SEO is not permanent
    Thousands of companies are performing SEO for their websites, so the Search Results constantly change. For you to be on the first page on a permanent basis requires a lot of hard work or a lot of money, if you are not doing it yourself. You need to be constantly aware of what your competition is doing and you need to counter each and every step, every time you lose a position on the search results page.

When considering all these factors, it becomes clear why it will be to your benefit to buy furniture removal leads from Net4ce.

  • SEO takes time - Buying leads from Net4ce is immediate
    Even a start-up company can go into full production overnight! All you have to do is register with us, top up your account and within hours you can start quoting clients who are waiting for furniture removal quotes. At any given stage, you will have access to a high number of active leads awaiting contact.
  • There is no Limit
    For only a couple of dollars per lead, you can start quoting as many clients  as you can possibly cater for. No more waiting for emails or phone calls. You can simply take your pick.

What is the catch?

There is no catch. All we require from our service providers is for them to treat our clients with respect and provide a professional service.  If you can commit to that, then you can register as a service provider and start buying leads within a couple of hours from now.  Click here to Join Net4ce Now or Contact us for more information.







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